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During several months I have been working with Lieve, we were building a hospital that has to become the most qualitative and innovative hospital in the eastern hemisphere. It was a joy to work with her as in the difficult situation we were in she acted professional, loyal and collegially. Compared to others she impressed the investors with her knowledge, network and accuracy. The only negative point I can mention is her modesty, she was a silent (and important) force in the background, claiming her position by her professional attitude and never by her European status.

Anne van der Heyden Programma manager ziekenhuizen, P5COM
Anne van der Heyden
Ik heb de kans en het plezier gehad om met Lieve samen te werken bij Securitas. Typerend voor haar zijn haar bijzonder positieve ingesteldheid en een sterke openheid om nieuwe zaken te leren en ontdekken. Persoonlijk vond ik haar een warme vrouw die veel autonomie laat aan medewerkers, die weet te stimuleren vanuit haar energie en haar beschikbaarheid om te luisteren en constructief mee te denken. Voor mij was het een bijzonder aangename en verrijkende samenwerking ondanks een niet altijd evidente werkcontext.
Dorothy Clerens HR Director - Human Engagement Enabler, Sabena Aerospace
Dorothy Clerens

I appreciated a lot the help of Lieve in managing the HR side of business. She is the person you want to have next to you when looking for the right talent to re-enforce your team. She has a very fluent through sharp interview style ensuring you get the answers needed to take the right decision. Furthermore, she is a valuable and challenging analyst not scared of raising her opinion to come to the best possible solution for the involved team.

Kurt Wellens Director Compliance, TVH
Kurt Wellens

I know Lieve (colleague at SD WORX, HR Service provider for Kluwer) as a very professional, knowledgeable and empathic person that I really liked to work with. The combination of high energy, both theoretical and practical insight, and continuous drive to further learn and self-reflect makes her a realiable partner in HR, staffing and organisational change.

Hans Suijkerbuijk CEO, Wolters Kluwer Belgium
Hans Suijkerbuijk

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Lieve did 2 assignments for IT @TVH. First as recruiter and afterwards as HR Business Partner. On both it was remarkable how quick she was up to speed. She makes sure she has the details right and honors her deadlines. It was a pleasure to work with Lieve

Alexander Severyns Director Project Management, TVH
Alexander Severyns

Lieve honors HR with a super sized H! It is that logic that it has become exceptional!

Bart De Pauw Business strategy & innovation
Bart De Pauw

When a department is in change it is important that the right people can work together to guide that change. Moving towards an agile (IT) department, a good relationship with HR was essential. Together with Lieve we worked out the new roles, functions and expectations for all people working in the “software factory”. I enjoyed the interviews and assessments we did together. Lieve often had an other approach than myself, giving me new insights in the HR recruitment process.

Ann Mattheeuws Director Digital Delivery, TVH Parts
Ann Mattheeuws